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Welcome to
Alpha Baby Nest School

We are delighted to welcome you to our energized and enthusiastic team that ensures every child in our care is treated uniquely and respected accordingly. We learn by exploring, innovating and prospering in a fun-loving and peaceful environment.


Our Philosophy


In ABNS, we believe each child is unique and possess special abilities that can be nurtured through fun-based activities to support their development and growth emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially.

Alpha Baby Nest provides children with a creative learning experience in a conducive atmosphere of love and acceptance. The student-teacher ratio offered is such that the kids will have more one-on-one attention

Wherein the parents can expect frequent communication from the school about their children’s progress, including daily, weekly and quarterly reports.

The operation of the center is held under strict supervision of a management team specifically assigned to the center.

Our Programs


Our curriculum is well balanced and tailored for each age group from 6 months to 5 years. We run a hybrid program that entails EYFS/GES/Montessori curricula which is being managed by well-trained and dedicated Childcare Professionals.

We lay emphasis on the concept that each child is unique in his or her own growth and development, and therefore needs his/her own individual pace to learn, understand and develop. The curriculum is structured such that it encourages children to foster social, emotional (including self-esteem), physical (such as motor skills) and intellectual growth.


Our Programs


We are set-up for young children aged 6months to 5years (ie entry age to UKG). We have passionate, dedicated and committed Childcare professionals 


Baby Class
(6months to 1year)


(1 - 2years)


Lower Nursery
(2 - 3years)


Upper Nursery
(3 - 4years)


Lower KG
(4 - 5years)


Upper KG
(5 - 6years)


Why Choose Us?

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Strict Covid protocol adherence.

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Hybrid Curriculum (EYFS/GES/MONTESSORI).

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Godliness and Serene Environment.

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Nurturing Individuality and Small Class Size.

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Spacious, Clean and Safe playing environment.

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Daily provision of healthy meals (Breakfast and lunch) with 2 snacks.

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Committed and dedicated Childcare Professionals.

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We embrace feedback from parents and seeks to improve continuously.

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After School Care and special lessons in Music, Drama, Languages.


Our Facilities

All classrooms are clean and well ventilated with good air circulation as well as air conditioners. We have a room dedicated for our children to nap and have quite time.  The children have access to a reading nook that is stocked with age appropriate story and developmental books. We have a music class that engages children in drum playing, piano, guitar etc. Our facility includes a spacious and safe outdoor playing area where children improves their physical development; 
Our facility is just like a Home.

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